Project Details

Baby blue, Mustard yellow, and Vintage brown make for an unconventional nursery scheme.

The Vintage theme is inspired by the wallpaper which looks at though it was pulled straight from an old storybook, and the colours are pulled from its floral pattern, and the family baby quilt.

The nursery’s concept is clear in the focal wall; it is colour-blocked to emphasize the retro-inspired alphabet flashcards above, and antique dresser and crib below.

On one adjacent wall, the vintage strip of wallpaper highlights the bookshelves and storage bench, while the other wall houses the nursing corner; the armchair and ottoman are upholstered in retro-inspired fabrics, and the contemporary floor-to-ceiling drapes, as well as the side table, are a foil to the vintage elements in the nursery.

The design scheme is sophisticated enough to grow up with, but child-friendly for a developing baby.